I’m getting a lot of text messages, so I’ll just do this here, out in the open.

Yes, it’s true. Yes, I’m fine. I’ll be fine, anyway. No, I’m not mad/bitter/salty. I wish I was, though. It’d be better than whatever this is. I can work with angry. I can be vengefully productive. This isn’t that, though.

Moving on…

I’m still in New York. I still enjoy alcohol. Get at me. I hope we’re all still friends.

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Went out today to see alexstone flying his drone. It was pretty cool!!! =)

This was a fun day to fly. Really high winds put it to the test. The trick is really subtle movements, especially when rotating. The drone can tilt about 30° before there’s a real concern of losing control. A strong gust of wind can and will knock it around, so you also need space to safely move around in.

The second thing I’d like to point out is that uuuugggghhhh this is so stupid.

A line from an article written by a professional online journalist. Also the point at which I stopped reading the article.

This stuff bugs me. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you get to fill your lengthy, 2-page news article with junk sentences like this.

Someone made a documentary about Vine users

The weird part is how heavily they’re pushing pre-orders of the DVD rather than selling through Vimeo or digital direct.

It’s kinda like someone making a movie about a popular digital video sharing service and insisting you check it out on DVD and not a popular digital video sharing service.

Is optical media even a thing? I feel like I haven’t seen a movie disc since 2012.

I can’t sleep because I have a mild sinus thing going on. This is what you get. I would kill for tacos right now.

My spoiler-free <em>Guardians of the Galaxy</em> Review

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you have to go in to it expecting things to be a little different from their source material, but maintaining the “essence” of the characters and this is exactly where Guardians of the Galaxy delivers.

The opening two scenes do this perfectly, setting the tone that this is going to be a fun movie and it’s going to have action and heart. You’re in for a really great ride.

From then on, you’re taken on a pretty typical, but really fun, space adventure. Action, jokes, heroism, fan service, and Groot. You’re not left with a lot of surprises. Peter is lovable and fun, Gamora’s a badass, Drax is a well-intentioned dimwit, Rocket is fun and angry, and Groot is a lovable scene-stealer.

This is not to say that the movie was predictable or not good. Far from it. Guardians of the Galaxy was beginning-to-end exactly what you wanted. For the MCU’s intro to the bigger galactic universe, they did a solid job cramming in a lot of stuff without it feeling overwhelming. We’re shown Knowhere, introduced to the non-human-rocket Nova Corp, properly introduced to the Kree, and given a glimpse in to the politics of it all.

The team dynamic is much more fluid and (I think) much better than Avengers. Each member is given a moment to properly connect with each of the other team members in little really powerful ways.

I walked away with only three issues with Guardians of the Galaxy.

  1. One of the major villains of the film, while excellently portrayed, came off as kind of a whimp. I can’t go in to this more without revealing plot details or spoilers.
  2. A fan favorite character (again, no spoilers) was given just enough screen time to be excited about his presence, but not given any lines or any hint at how important this character is. It felt as if this character was placed just to get some quick gasps from fans.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t feel connected to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and thus, felt like a weird extended one-shot. Like we were starting from scratch instead of building on the existing structures. I’m not sure how they would have bridged this since it all takes place in space. In the existing MCU films, the only connections to the Galactic Universe stories is the ending to Avengers and Thor/Thor 2: The Dark World. Even something as little as Quill saying “I heard a terran in a fancy suit threw a bomb at you guys.” would have been a nice nod and recognition that this was all in the same universe.

The screening I saw did not have a post-credits sequence. My current conspiracy theory is that Marvel is going to announce something at SDCC that would have been hinted at or spoiled in the post-credits sequence.

Anyway. Go see it. I promise you’ll enjoy it.